Since my Shattered series got picked up by a publisher, I'll post those details when I get them. New covers. New edits. The whole shebang!!!


Meet Brett MacLean. Nightclub owner. Rich. But not too rich where his floors are lined with gold and his lights are made of diamonds. Just rich enough to pamper his girl and give her everything that she needs, wants and deserves. 
You first meet Brett in the Shattered series. Even I as the writer wasn't a huge fan when he appeared in Break Me. He was an even bigger douche in Always Me. I was like, what is with this guy? Well you remember Sebastian from the Shattered books right? Remember how controlling he was? He has nothing on Brett. I can recall a time where Brett told me that he wasn't getting just two books, but three and it was going to be a spin off trilogy. I had no idea at the time just how big of a story he had to tell. And boy did he have a story.

Releasing control is relief…

I was warned about men like Brett Maclean.

He was dark and thrilling, intense and controlling. And he captivated me from the very start. He unleashed something inside of me like no other. His bad rep and troubled past drew me to him like gasoline feeding a flame.

With just one taste, I felt the danger in him, the uncontrollable power that left me breathless. The passion consumed me. Fast and hard.

Temptation couldn't guard my heart. I should have known a man of such raw and wild desires came with competition.

If Only Evvie knew just what kind of man Brett was. Would she still fall for him the way she did? Yes. I say she would.

The sharp edge of love…

Brett MacLean was possessive. Even more since I became his. He was my desire…my ultimate pleasure…he was mine.

As each day passed, he revealed a part of himself that had lain dormant. A broken childhood. A troubled man. One I was determined to help.

After months together, I thought I knew him. But soon realized I was wrong. His dark secrets were only the beginning. The past was more disturbing than I ever could have fathomed.

His deep seeded need for me came with a price that could have consequences. I needed him just as much. Because of this, we would be tested. My greatest fear was that it would take us beyond the limits of our love.

Now writing this book scared me a little. It took me out of my comfort zone. It let me play. One thing I loved about this story was the love that Brett and Evvie had for eachother. It was so deep. So emotionally raw. Both of them were stripped bare of all feelings, laying it out on the line for the other. I just love them. That connection. That no holds barred in your face type love. 

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An all-consuming need…

Evvie Neal was my addiction. The love I felt for her controlled me and it brought me to my knees. She was my one. My only.

Destroyed as a boy, healed as a man, she was my saving grace. The first person who knew the real me. Because of her, I became stronger. Whole. A true warrior in my own personal Hell.

As time went on, demons from my past haunted me, threatening to ruin what I had worked so hard to become. Strong.

The ultimate sacrifice was giving up a piece of myself to be perfect. For her.

This little gem was written in Brett's POV. I had so much fun diving deep inside his brain that I was sad to leave it. This story is also shorter than the first two but there is just enough to answer all of your questions. 

Bottom line. What I hope readers get from this trilogy is the urge and inspiration to find that someone. That one person that you can depend on. That soul mate that knows everything about you and loves you more because of it. Who loves yours quirks, your bad habits. That person that is willing to be your only while you are their one. 

Love deep. Love hard. 

~Possessed by You Playlist~

Here is a list of songs that reminded me of Brett and Evvie either together or apart. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Even if you don’t like the music, the words are what captured me and brought me into their world.

A deep and powerful love is never quiet, never dormant but loud and fierce.

Bound to You – Christina Aguilera, Burlesque Soundtrack
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Unconditionally – Katy Perry
This is the Best – USS
Pour Some Sugar On Me – Deaf Leppard
Stay – Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
What Now – Rihanna
Adore You – Miley Cyrus
Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
Loving Me 4 Me – Christina Aguilera
Give Me a Reason – Pink ft. Nate Ruess
Try – Pink
I Am – Christina Aguilera
Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
Demons – Imagine Dragons
Say Something – A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera
I'll Be There For You - Bon Jovi
Better Than Me - Hinder
Bad Things - Jace Everett
Haunted - Taylor Swift
What Do You Got? - Bon Jovi
I’ve Just Seen A Face - Beatles
Closer - Nine Inch Nails
Unnamed Feeling - Metallica
Loverman - Metallica



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